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This is the first entry in my blog for everything related to entrepreneurship, personal development and particularly focusing on leading a fulfilling life. So if you’re reading this I’d to welcome you to this site.

My name’s William Tunna, I’m currently in the process of starting a business and I’m obsessed with personal development. I’m constantly seeking new ways to improve the way I think, and maximizing my own experience in life. I have created this blog so that I can share my journey and experiences with you, writing about topics which really interest me, in the hope that they’ll inspire and help others live a better life.

I’m just starting out on my journey as an entrepreneur, so I’ve got a lot of lessons to learn, which I intend to share with you. I’ve got a lot planned for this blog, as well as the general topics listed at the start of this post, my goal is to create lots of free content for people, such as eBooks and interviews with people that interest me.

I am going to try and post an article each week, and send out a newsletter each Friday. The newsletter will include five things that have interested me that week, recommended podcasts, books and noteworthy articles to read. You can subscribe to the newsletter to the right-hand side of this post, and I’ll send you an email to confirm.

Hopefully you guys can give me some feedback on what you want to see, such as topics or just general comments. I have high hopes for what’s to come, so join me on this journey, and maybe we’ll both learn something cool along the way.

So there you have it, welcome to my blog!



Hi, I'm Will. I'm a young entrepreneur, coffee nerd, blogger, and pilot. I have an obsession with being efficient and working the smartest way possible. People that I take inspiration from are Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Derick Sivers and Steve Jobs. I'm writing this blog mainly to make myself better at blogging, and to share my journey as an entrepreneur, with the hope that others can learn random things, or think about new ideas. Enjoy!

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About Me

Hi, I'm Will. I'm a young entrepreneur, Founder at Bunaberry Coffee Co and obsessed with becoming the best version of myself. My blog is a way of giving back to others all of all the knowledge I gain on my journey through entrepreneurship and life. My aim is to inspire others to realise their full potential and excel in life.

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